Women’s Sex Hormones and Posture

Biologically, estrogen is a vital sex hormone for women.  Estrogen helps to maintain the reproductive traits (breasts, body hair) and processes (menstrual cycles, menopause, etc.) as well as aid in cognitive functioning, bone health, heart health, and other important bodily processes.

Age and Estrogen

Starting around menopause (usually when a woman is her 40s or 50s), estrogen levels drop and can impact bone health in terms of bone loss. This can contribute to the structural breakdown and increased curvature of the spine.  As a result, posture can be affected.

How Do You Address This?

To maintain proper posture and hormone level a combination of the following is important:

  • Regular exercise
  • A healthy diet with additional calcium and vitamin D
  • Stress management
  • For severe symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may be recommended by a medical professional