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Fluid Health and Fitness is a one of a kind movement management system that adapts and develops exercises that allow you to perform activities of everyday life more easily and without the risk of injury.

We track and assess your motion health and treat it like a vital sign. We use it to predict and prevent injury and to set baselines for how you should be moving. It’s a new way of thinking about performance.  Don’t just train, restore.




We build healthy employees and healthy workspaces. By mixing health promotion with health protection, our programs help your company evolve.




Take Fluid with you wherever you go. Access personalized virtual training, mobility coaching, metabolic conditioning, nutrition management tools, social support and more.

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Controlling Hysteria

With so many things going on and the world, It becomes easy for us to get dragged into the emotional white noise and hype of other people’s anxieties and fears. There are so many political, philosophical, spiritual, and individual perspectives to potentially consider...

Designed to Move | Patellofemoral Tracking Syndrome

Patellofemoral tracking syndrome refers to the medical condition where the kneecap (patella) falls out of alignment. The kneecap is important because it acts as a protective and stabilizing cover for the knee joint, a major hinge joint that connects, a major hinge...

Designed to Move | Upper Crossed Syndrome

What is Upper Crossed Syndrome Upper crossed syndrome refers to a compensation pattern where the shoulder girdle becomes unstable in which the upper back and head have an exaggerated forward tilt (think of a hunchbacked posture with the head positioned forward). This...

Blind Spots

We all have a blind spot and it’s shaped exactly like us. – Junot Diaz We have the capacity to achieve many things; however, we can also stand in our own way. When challenges arise, there is a tendency to either gravitate towards or run against others/situations...

The Life Cycle

Most things that we encounter have a natural cycle, including life itself. There is a beauty to how organisms come alive, but there is also beauty when the end comes. Living is about the experiences while death is about the memory and the legacy one leaves behind....

Designed to Move | Rounded Shoulders

What Are Rounded Shoulders? Rounded shoulders refer to a muscular strength imbalance between the shoulder and chest muscles. It is when there is a “rounding” of the shoulders due to an excessive internal rotation at the shoulder blade (scapula) and a restriction of...

The Power of Visualizing

One of the brain’s top priorities is to create efficiencies by managing the never-ending flow of incoming information. It does this by filtering what is relevant versus irrelevant to us through experiential, temperamental, and environmental influences as well as our...

Designed to Move | Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture refers to a compensation pattern where the head (suboccipital muscles) is tilted forward and downward putting strain on the neck (cervical spine). It is usually caused by sedentary lifestyles and frequently looking downwards at our mobile devices....

Designed to Move | Anterior Hip Tilt

What Is Anterior Hip Tilt? Anterior hip tilt refers to a muscular strength imbalance in the lower half of the body where the hips are tilted forward and the lumbar spine is pulled into an exaggerated curvature. The muscles responsible for This can cause tightness and...

Willpower & Motivation

Every action we take requires resources (on a physiological and mental level as well as emotional, to varying degrees). As such, our bodies and minds are in a constant flux of how much energy we take in versus how much energy we consume. This is why our energy levels...