Corrective Exercise & Postural Realignment in Stillwater


Corrective Exercise is a term used to describe the process of identifying movement, musculoskeletal or neurological dysfunctions in your body, creating a plan of action to address the concerns, then implementing a combined strategy of mobility and strength exercises to correct for them.

At Fluid Health & Fitness, the primary goal of all of our exercise programs is to prevent injury and eliminate pain. This comes before any goal of weight loss, muscle building or performance enhancement. If you get hurt none of these other goals matter because you won’t be able to continue to train. Movement efficiency is key to remaining healthy.


Before anyone starts a program with Fluid Health & Fitness, they first must complete a movement assessment. Six areas of the body will be evaluated to identify movement limitations and muscle imbalances. We assess the function and coordination of the major muscular systems around these areas to ensure they are operating optimally.


• First, we establish whether you can maintain the correct static alignment or proper posture in the six areas tested on both sides of the body. If it has been determined that there are deficiencies in these areas, you will work on postural restoration exercises.

• Second, we determine if you can move the joint without using the wrong muscles that pull the joint out of its natural pathway thereby creating friction, breakdown and injury. This is called accessory hypermotion. If it has been determined that you possess movement compensations you will work on movement efficiency and proper muscle recruitment patterns.

• Finally, we integrate the isolated or singular joint movements into multi joint or full body global movement systems like you would use in everyday life. Examples include sitting, perching, walking, jogging, crawling, climbing, swinging, striking, etc. This teaches the mind to body connection allowing you to increase mobility, protect from or reduce prior injury and develop balance and strength. You can see our process as a trouble detection system to prevent injuries before they happen.


Functional training, also referred to as functional exercise, is any training program that adapts or develops exercises that allow individuals to perform activities of everyday life more easily and without risk of injury. The truth is that just because you can lift heavy at the gym and do 20 minutes of HIIT every other day, does not mean that the next time you lift your 65 pound suitcase on your way to the airport that you won’t throw your back out.

Functional fitness focuses on training the body in such a way that it can handle day to day real life activities, like lugging groceries, picking up kids and others. So, instead of focusing on lifting a certain amount of weight, or the proper form of a particular exercise, functional fitness trains us to become better at real life positions and to perform everyday activities that we are all tasked with.

Your typical weight training or strength training workout isolates specific muscles, but neglects to train the body to use multiple muscle groups together, but functional exercise does integrate different muscles and through proper form and motion teaches them to work together. This yields an overall fitness to the entire body working in unison.


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