Injury Prevention in Stillwater

Our Injury Prevention Program in Stillwater

Our injury prevention program is designed to keep athletes safe, enhance their performance, and help them recover from any injuries. Our physical therapy clinics offer community-based instruction to reduce the risk of injury to key areas such as the hips, knees, and ankles. Our specialists are trained to identify risk factors and provide guidance on how to address these during warm-ups, practices, and games.

We also offer injury prevention services to employers who wish to invest in the safety of their employees. This can include job-specific stretching and strengthening exercises, analysis of body mechanics, and comprehensive training to minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

With our team of physical therapists, our goal is to reduce the risk of injury. Our injury prevention programs have been proven to not only lower the risk of injury but also improve athletic performance.

The program may include:

  • Functional screening
  • Baseline strength and weakness assessment
  • Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Personalized home exercise program.

Conditions Treated in Stillwater

Our physical therapists treat a range of conditions from neck pain and back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and Achilles tendinitis. Our therapists are also trained to identify potential risk factors for injury, and during a simple consultation, can detect issues such as:

Low Back Pain:

Our physical therapy exams can detect if you are at risk for low back pain and injury.

Total Joint Replacement:

Our exams can identify the early warning signs for joint arthritis, a primary cause for joint replacement.


Our cardiovascular screening can detect the risk factors for hypertension and help our therapists create a safe exercise plan to minimize risk.


Our exams can identify risk factors that may lead to headaches.

Rotator Cuff Tear:

Our exams can determine the risk of shoulder pain and rotator cuff tears.

Injury From a Fall:

Our exams can detect the risk of falling and prevent life-threatening injuries.

ACL Injury:

Our exams can identify the risk of suffering a knee injury.

Peripheral Neuropathy:

Our therapists can test the sensation in your feet to detect the potential for peripheral neuropathy, which can cause physical abnormalities.

Being proactive is crucial when it comes to your health, and with out team of specialists, we aim to not only get our patients better quickly and effectively, but also to prevent future injuries.

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Tracy M.

“Fluid’s trainers know what they’re talking about and they’re passionate about improving the mobility and fitness of their members. When I experienced pain or an injury in other studios and workout routines, I was generally advised to rest until I healed, watch my form and/or just stop doing exercises that caused pain. Fluid is actually TEACHING me WHY I experienced the pain that limited my progress and training my body to move the way it’s designed to move so I can build real strength. After three months I really feel “unwound” and stronger and everyday activities are noticeably easier because of it. It’s a great place to improve yourself with friendly like-minded people, well worth your time.”

Ana V.

“Found Ryan professional, wise, knowledgeable and understanding. The program meets
all my needs”