Every action we take requires resources (on a physiological and mental level as well as emotional, to varying degrees). As such, our bodies and minds are in a constant flux of how much energy we take in versus how much energy we consume. This is why our energy levels and stress are strongly tied to our willpower and motivation.


Adding Perspective

Initially, there is a higher upfront cost to adapting to new things, people, and situations, because there is a need to absorb, screen, and categorize all the incoming information. So, it is often temporarily the most efficient and least resource intensive for the mind and body to stay with the familiar or the most immediate things that grab our attention. What we spend our time and resources on is what we give our power to. If we are dwelling on our problems or what we are lacking, then our focus and energy become hostages to fears, expectations, frustrations, regrets, and disappointments. This, in turn, depletes our mental, emotional, and physiological resources that we need for incorporating changes, breaking habits, and pursuing goals.


Thoughts for the Week

When we are trying to reach our goals, it is necessary to reduce the things (stress, chaos, negative influences) that suck the energy out of us and incorporating new behaviors and lifestyle changes gradually. If we neglect to do these things, our willpower and motivation eventually burn out while the old wins out over the new. So, remember, don’t burn yourself out with expectations of immediate transformation. The most valuable things almost always come with time and effort.