Showing vulnerability is a display of inner strength, but the walls we have built up also illustrate strength — they helped us when we were trying our best to cope with what life threw at us. The issues arise when these defenses become counterproductive to our current goals and happiness.


Adding Perspective 

Vulnerability allows us to express and share our authentic selves with others. At its very core, it can free us from the thoughts and emotions that act as a barrier to connect the world. But to be vulnerable doesn’t necessitate a lack of boundaries. They, in themselves, act as a safeguard from untrustworthy people and situations. The question then becomes, “are the boundaries there because of a legitimate concern or is it more out of comfort and familiarity?” Only you know the answer to the question.


 Thoughts for the Week 

Don’t feel pressured to “open up” until you are ready because vulnerability is a gift that we choose to share with other people. So, it’s okay to be selective with who one chooses to let in. Just be mindful of whether or not it fits with your values and how you want to live your life rather than a mere distancing act from everybody around you. Do you wish to be more open or are you content with the level of connection you have with your loved ones? If you wish to be more vulnerable, it’s never too late to start. It’s not a race; it’s about what you want out of your life and relationships.