Responsibilities and getting ahead in life to ensure future success (wealth, friends, happiness, pursuing passions) tend to be top priorities for most. However, sometimes, we can strive for these things so much that we forget to make time for playing and having fun. To play is to “to spend time doing something enjoyable or amusing” (the Cambridge Dictionary). Play should not be the antithesis of work and vice versa. In fact, interspersing a little playfulness into the work atmosphere can increase productivity because it breaks people out of the monotony and drives creativity. On the other hand, putting too much emphasis on playing without any real purpose can lead to meaninglessness and aimlessness.


Adding Perspective

Working is often associated with being an adult while playing is associated with being a child. To live a balanced life, both are equally important. The act of engaging in enjoyable or amusing activities (going to concerts, eating out, playing video games/cards, drawing, writing short stories, reading a good book, working on vintage cars, etc.) help to decrease stress and buffer us from life’s challenges. For example, when a situation becomes too heavy and overwhelming, engaging in a fun and safe activity can help to decrease the stress and reframe the positive things that we have in our lives.


Thoughts for the Week

Even when life seems to be chaotic, it is important to do a fun and leisurely activity on a fairly regular basis. This prevents us from getting too bogged down by life and reminds us of what we have in the big picture (family, friends, pets, shelter, necessities, modern medicine, etc.). So what is your favorite activity or guilty pleasure?