One of the brain’s top priorities is to create efficiencies by managing the never-ending flow of incoming information. It does this by filtering what is relevant versus irrelevant to us through experiential, temperamental, and environmental influences as well as our own belief systems. One powerful tool that we have in ourselves, as human beings, is the capacity to visualize an idea/thought/belief and project and realize specific outcomes.


Adding Perspective

To make a radical, sustainable change, we have to dismantle our current mental and emotional associations and replace them with positive ones. Focusing on a certain belief, such as “I am not good enough”, will direct our brain to seek out potential signs and reasons of why that is the case. However, if that one negative line of thought can have such an impact on what kinds of information we can let in to our minds, just think about how much more the opposite, positive belief, “I am good enough” could empower us to do greater things.

We can retrain our minds to concentrate more on the positive thoughts and outcomes. Motivational speaker, Mel Robbins laid down two steps that are required to visualize a successful future: 1. Close your eyes and think of what you what you want to become and how that would look. 2. Engage the positive emotions associated with that vision. This is shown to be effective because the positive energy helps to break down the past mental and emotional associations (memories). As a result, that positivity bleeds into other areas of our lives, making us feel more confident and inspired to go after what we want.


Thoughts for the Week

So, if you are struggling with self-doubt and negative thoughts regarding your goals, take a step back, close your eyes, and think about all the benefits you have gained and progress you have made thus far in your health and fitness journey and where you would like to end up. We only have a finite amount of energy to accomplish what we want so why not concentrate on moving onwards and upwards?