When life overwhelms us, our instinctual reaction is to usually disengage from the source. The mind becomes hijacked by negative, catastrophic thinking, because it becomes stuck on the potential and ramifications of the negative outcomes. For example, if we have a bad start to a day, it often feels like that “bad luck” is chasing us. Nonetheless, redirecting the focus on to the positive side of things or at the very least being able to let go can significantly alter how we perceive things and, in turn, react neutrally or more positively to things throughout the day.


Adding Perspective

The brain tends to focus and react more strongly to negative stimuli (which can be perceived as threats to our physical, psychological, or emotional safety and well-being) than positive ones. This means that negative stimuli engage our survival instinct. Although the split-second awareness of potential threats can be crucial, being positive and hopeful about the outcomes can also impact our will to survive and thrive. It is the essence of what we often call possessing a “fighting spirit”, which contributes to perseverance, grit, and success.


Thoughts for the Week

Life may be difficult, but it doesn’t have to control our reactions. It is what we do with the hand that we are dealt that ends up counting in the end. The vast majority of extremely successful people don’t give up just because of the first few failures; they keep pushing through even during the hard times because they believe in what they have to offer to the world.