We give ourselves the glimmer of hope when we fantasize about how we are going to work on self-improvement and steps towards our goals and dreams, but then, the inevitable barrage of excuses sneak into our heads as a way steer us back to the path of least resistance.


Adding Perspective

This is not unlike how the body likes to revert back to maladaptive injury cycles as we are trying to cultivate proper movement patterns. Just because new pathways may present initial pain and discomfort does not mean they are necessarily negative. Both the mind and body gravitate towards similar reactions and associations that we have learned from experiences, injuries and training. It’s an instinct.


Thoughts for the Week

Due to a constant exposure to new information daily, our brains create new neural pathways, like a shortcut, to process it all efficiently. Change requires a concerted conscious effort to fight against what our minds and bodies perceive as second nature. So, the second an excuse or a complaint comes to mind, pause. It just might be your mind doing what it knows best: taking the path of least resistance.