What drives you? What is the one thing that you do at the start of each day that sets the tone and momentum for the rest of the day? Those little daily cues are the stepping stone for motivation and passion. We like to think that these two things are of spontaneous nature and that the inspiration will just hit us.


Adding Perspective

However, the secret to motivation is to engage the environment and be active. Every little action that we put forth towards a goal adds to the momentum of accomplishing something as opposed to wishing for things to happen. Motivation needs to be fueled and not just desired. Because energy begets energy, when we stall, we become stuck in our heads and the drive dwindles.


Thoughts for the Week

So, the next time you feel down about not having enough motivation or passion just start out small: one step at a time. It’s a gradual process and not just an elusive fire that becomes it within us.