We are regularly bombarded by media of eroticized super fit individuals who are trying to convince us to become fit just like them in the hopes that one day we may be just as desired.  Sex drives much of human behavior, because it can improve mental health, decrease stress, and is a way to share deep bonding with other people. However, when it becomes the ultimate motivation to buy into consumerism culture and to become fit, it can lead to many negative consequences.


Adding Perspective


Unrealistic Expectations

Besides the airbrushing and Photoshop tricks that we often hear about, most of the super fit individuals cannot sustain a peak level of fitness all year round because there is usually a very strict routine and diet. Because of the level of dedication and commitment, aiming to be incredibly fit is unrealistic for most people’s lifestyles.

Focusing on Targeted Areas as Opposed to Focusing on the Body as a Whole

When there is too much emphasis on having a seductive body, we tend to laser in on using the body for one main purpose in mind – looking aesthetically pleasing for dating purposes. This means that the chest, abs, and butt become primarily targeted as opposed to training for whole-body health and strength.

Encouraging of Unhealthy Habits

The emphasis of the goals is geared more toward short-term gains as opposed to long-term health management. To maintain a healthy body, we need to think of our bodies in terms of global health not just in terms of physique and attractiveness.

Too Much Fixation on the Body Can Interfere with Creating Deeper Emotional Bonds with the Physical Intimacy (Leading to Mediocre Experiences and Feelings of Unfulfillment)

Only focusing on the physical can often lead to validation seeking, insecurity, an unstable sense of self, and performance anxiety.

Negative Effects on Insecurities and Body Image

Constant comparisons of ourselves to the unrealistic sex god and goddesses of the ads can make us feel inferior and lead us to focus on our own insecurities.


Thoughts for The Week

When it comes to working towards fitness goals, it is important to remember to think of the body as a whole with many different roles which help us to stay alive. Sex is only one component of the human experience. So, what are the most important things that you would want your body to do for you in the long term?