Change in life is a constant. When it comes to the idea of change, platitudes, such as “step out of your comfort zone” and “take a risk” can oversimplify this ever-present force.  Almost everybody wants to change some aspect, but it really comes down to the question, “to what extent?”


Taking Perspective

Even if we want to alter something, there is often a battle between the complacency (e.g., circumstances may be less than perfect but there are still some incentives) of the situation and the desire to change.  If your desire to change is overshadowed by complacency, then it will be much harder to become motivated to take action.  It’s really only when our desire overpowers the complacency that we evolve.


Thoughts for the Week

The tricky part is that the turning point will be unique to each individual.  This often is the moment where several things come crashing down on us and we are forced into taking action.  Other times, we decide we have had enough and become determined. Sometimes you may just not be ready to take a leap and that’s okay.  But stay open to the possibilities because the things we are constantly learning may not be personally relevant in the present but may end up helping us in the future.