Every single one of us wants certain things out of our lives, but do you know the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t?  One word: action.  The ones who truly want something will tend to do whatever is in their power to meet their goals.  However, the unsuccessful individuals are a tricky lot.  To a certain extent, they probably do want what they claim to want, but there is obviously something causing hesitation.


Adding Perspective 

Our personal roadblocks are usually of the psychological nature.  I would argue that the majority of people know the gist of what actions they need to take, but we, humans, are the masters of coming up with excuses as to why we CAN’T do something. There is probably an element of laziness, along with the desire to live in a fantasy land as opposed to potentially exposing ourselves to what reality may bring us. After all, there is a special sort of comfort in living in a bubble of endless possibilities: the adult version of daydreaming.


Thought for the Week

The funny thing though is that reality could either make those dreams come true or help redirect that energy into something else that better suits you.  The buildup of anticipation and expectation can hurt more than when reality actually stings, because the mind can concoct a dizzying amount of “what ifs” which we can fixate on rather than experiencing disappointment and then moving on. The former makes us captive to our minds whereas the latter allows us to truly live. Why live in fantasy when you can experience real life?