Trying to find inspiration often seems like trying to chase phantoms. When we are looking for it, it’s hard to pin down; however, when we stop the search, it tends to find us. We often tunnel vision ourselves into a few specific categories of how things should be or look like. This ironically works against the creative process, because it restricts us from looking beyond what we already think we know and exploring unconventional methods and outside-the-box ideas.


Adding Perspective

Many of our best ideas come to us when we don’t become consumed with just having one or two right answers. Sometimes, when we feel stuck and uninspired, just widening the definition and reframing the objective can lead us to the right answer. This doesn’t mean that sitting around hoping will lead to inspiration but that putting our best foot forward while staying open can be the impetus that we need to push forward. Inspiration does not just come out of thin air but through experiences and curiosity.


Thoughts for the Week

inspiration isn’t something that just magically appears. It is an ongoing process that can have many revisions along the way. Action fuels inspiration while inaction leads to ruts. So, if you are struggling to feel inspired, just do something – no matter how big or small. Consistently engaging the world can broaden your horizons.