We are all both significant and insignificant.  On one hand, each of us has a unique set of skills, talents, backgrounds, and biological blueprints, which affect us in various ways.  As such, there are no two people who are exactly alike so any infinite combinations of factors can make an individual stand out in at least a few ways, be it a promising artist, a great orator, an athletic god, an effective strategist, etc.  And even if someone isn’t particularly gifted in one particular area, the sum of his or her experiences can help give other people insight into their own lives, because it often touches upon general empathy and shared collective experiences (i.e., love, bereavement, frustrations, joys, etc.).
Adding Perspective
However, each person is one of 7 billion people on Earth, which is just part of one galaxy in the midst of many galaxies of the universe.  From that scope of things, one person is a mere speck in relation to everything else in existence.  So, when we dwell on things, especially the small issues, sometimes we forget how most things don’t really matter as much as we think we do.at the end of the day.
Thoughts for the Week
We are all both significant and insignificant.  We have the power to choose where expend our limited resources of time, emotion, money, etc. Take heart but also enjoy life’s light-hearted moment; it doesn’t need to be serious 24/7.