At Fluid Health and Fitness, we understand that the rigorous demands of athletic training and sports participation require more than just determination and practice; they demand optimal nutritional support to fuel performance and ensure recovery. That’s where Thorne’s Foundational Supplement Bundle comes into play, designed specifically to meet the heightened nutritional needs of athletes like you.


 Why Supplements Are Crucial for Active People 


The intense physical exertion associated with athletic training increases the body’s need for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to maintain energy production, muscle repair, and overall health. According to a joint statement by the American College of Sports Medicine, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Dietitians of Canada, athletes who restrict calorie intake, follow severe weight loss practices, eliminate food groups, or consume diets low in micronutrient density might require supplements to fill these nutritional gaps.


 Components of Thorne’s Foundational Bundle


Multi-Vitamin Elite: This dual-formula product consists of an A.M. formula to boost daytime energy and a P.M. formula to support nighttime recovery and rest, ensuring round-the-clock nutritional support.


D-5,000: With 5,000 IU of Vitamin D per capsule, it supports healthy bones, muscle function, cardiovascular health, and immune response, which is essential for any athlete pushing their limits.


Super EPA: This high-quality fish oil supplement provides essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, crucial for maintaining heart health, brain function and managing inflammation in muscles and joints.


Whey Protein Isolate—Vanilla: This product offers 21 grams of bioavailable protein per serving, ideal for muscle repair, maintaining healthy muscle mass, and supporting weight management. Its balanced amino acid profile, including BCAAs, enhances muscle recovery and overall health.


 The Science Behind the Supplements


These supplements are not just about meeting daily nutritional requirements; they are about enhancing physiological functions critical to athletic performance. For instance, the Multi-Vitamin Elite’s bifunctional formula ensures that metabolic processes are supported day and night. Vitamin D’s role extends beyond bone health by enhancing muscle recovery and immune function, which is often taxed in athletes. The essential fatty acids in Super EPA help mitigate inflammation, a common consequence of intense physical activity, while supporting cardiovascular health.


The Whey Protein Isolate not only helps in muscle recovery post-training but also aids in maintaining an optimal metabolic rate and healthy body composition. It’s designed to be easily digestible and includes enzymes like bromelain and papain to aid in protein assimilation, making it perfect for athletes at any level.


 NSF Certification: Your Assurance of Quality and Safety


Each component of the Foundational Bundle is NSF Certified for Sport®, meaning every batch is tested for substances banned by major sports organizations and for compliance with label claims. This ensures that you consume safe, high-quality supplements supporting your athletic goals without compromising your health or performance.


 Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Ready to meet your athletic goals with the best nutritional support? Visit Thorne’s website to purchase the Foundational Supplement Bundle]( and ensure you’re not just meeting but exceeding your daily nutritional needs. Join us at Fluid Health and Fitness in embracing a scientifically backed approach to nutrition and supplementation, ensuring every workout counts towards your success.