Being prepared is usually considered a positive, but always waiting for the right moment to take action comes at an opportunity cost. We will never know all the relevant information regarding a situation or project so holding out for it will become a never-ending endeavor. Furthermore, when we live in constant anticipation for how things might turn out, it forces us out of the present moment and we become victims to analysis paralysis. This leads to the fear of making mistakes and, inevitably, inaction.  Ironically, becoming an active participant can often give us the insight that we are ultimately hoping for.
Adding Perspective
We don’t know what the future may have in store for us so it might not be the wisest to tie ourselves to specific outcomes and become fearful and anxious regarding the implications of all the possibilities. The best we can do is act on the knowledge that we currently hold. Sometimes, just taking one little step at a time might help us gain better insight and correct some inaccurate assumptions that we may be clinging onto.
Thoughts for the Week
The antidote to being stuck in a rut is to take baby steps, such as completing small tasks that are relevant to the circumstances at hand.  Just stalling in preparation won’t do anything to further your goals along. It is better to try and make some mistakes than to freeze and do nothing.