What Is a Tailor’s Bunion?

Tailor’s bunion refers to the medical condition where there is a protrusion on the outer side of the little toe (the fifth metatarsal), typically caused by excess rubbing or pressure. It can lead to discomfort and less efficient upright movement.


How Does This Happen?

Poor posture, irregular walking patterns, tight hamstrings, and tight/ill-fitting shoes (high heels, ballet flats, or any other shoe where the toes are squeezed together) are the most common culprits. More specifically, when there is tightness in the ankle, the arch can begin to flatten out and external rotation of the foot may occur. As a result, most of the weight of each step is displaced to the outer edge of the foot. If there is excessive rubbing and pressure over a period of time, the area becomes inflamed and then may eventually a bunion form.

Other factors that can contribute to the development of tailor’s bunions are heredity, irregularly shaped little toes, neuromuscular disorders, and aging (the toes tend to spread apart as we get older).

How Do You Fix It?

To address tailor’s bunions, you will most likely need to consult a general practitioner or podiatrist. However, we can provide you with some exercises to help correct your gait and improve stability in the foot and ankle to prevent another bunion. These are the exercises that we recommend:

Release – gastrocs & hamstrings 1-2 min each on both sides

Activate – medial arch/short foot 2 x 20

Integrate – Single leg balance with opposite band hip flexion 2 x 20

Strengthen – Single leg hip press 2 x 20