When we are stressed out, our best line of defense is to positively connect with other individuals. They act as a buffer against life’s difficulties and surprises in the form of emotional support, humor, a partner for fun activities. Sometimes, just having people around to help ease the tension and stress helps us to remember the lighter side of life.
Adding Perspective
Focusing too much on darker, negative thoughts can cause us to ruminate and become anxious about everything that is bothering us. This can lead to depressive moods and anxiety regarding our situations and the state of our lives. Positive influences, such as friends, family, social groups, religious affiliations, can offset the negativity. It is important to pay balance between the dark and the light, because life doesn’t exist on a binary basis.
Thoughts for the Week
if you are feeling down in the dumps, try to engage in a fun, healthy activity that you know you love to do, because that can usually bring things back into perspective. However, if you are still struggling on a consistent basis, reaching out to the appropriate healthcare professionals can make a world of difference. All that matters is to get the right type of support in your time of need.