There are always going to be things that we can’t control, such as genetics, serious accidents, certain medical conditions, etc., but it doesn’t mean that we have to become a slave to our circumstances. Accepting one’s lot in life should not be about focusing on the limitations, but learning reasonable adaptations to help improve the condition or to create a more fulfilling life.
Adding Perspective
When we are faced with the bleak reality, we often want to succumb to the black and white limitations that we and others impose on the situation, because trying to figure out other alternatives can create additional stress. It then just becomes easier to accept the limitations instead of putting in effort to make reasonable adaptations for the better. But who ever said that true happiness comes without effort? Like with almost everything else in life, one has to put forth energy to experience things to the fullest.
Thoughts for the Week
Even when there is an immovable roadblock that appears in front of you, there are almost always ways to lessen the impact or adaptations to help handle the situation. So, accept the things that can’t be changed but don’t treat them like a death sentence. You never know what you may learn through exploring alternative avenues.