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Can physical therapy make things worse?

It takes commitment to achieve many of life’s greatest achievements. However, that doesn’t mean it must be frustrating or miserable. There are many myths about physical therapy. One of them is that it is supposed to hurt. Rehabilitation can, however, be enjoyable with the help of our skilled physical therapists at Fluid Health & Fitness. We would love to dispel some of these myths and make you feel more confident about your rehabilitation options.

Don’t believe this overused expression

You may have heard the expression “no pain no gain”, which is quite catchy. However, it can lead to a dangerous mindset. People are also more likely to avoid making changes in their physical health or to stop them because of the discomfort it may cause. It is interesting that although physical therapy can be a traumatizing experience, it is also true in the reverse. Avoiding treatment at a physical therapy center is a better way to make injuries worse and prolong the pain and discomfort you already feel.

A physical therapist can show you that rehabilitation options are available and aren’t so bad as you might think. They aren’t here to torture you. With a combination of individual and program-based approaches, you’ll be amazed at how efficient and effective a treatment plan can become, especially when specializing in telehealth physical therapy treatment options and corrective exercise solutions.

Should physical therapy hurt?

If you feel tired after physical therapy, it’s a sign your body and muscles are exhausted. However, this is a good thing. This is similar to how strength preparation works. A muscle can only become stronger if it is loaded. Otherwise, the muscle fibers will not have the chance to expand. This can sometimes be irritating and uncomfortable, but it is essential for development and recovery. If you choose not to go to a physical therapist, your chances of injury and discomfort will be greater.
It takes time for your body to heal. There is no magic bullet that will heal whiplash neck or back after a car accident. If you don’t see any improvement after the first or second week, don’t lose heart.

Can anyone be a physical therapist?

People believe that physical therapy is difficult because they don’t understand what physical therapists do. Because they don’t have the status and authority of a doctor, physical therapists are perceived as less qualified. This is a mistake. To be licensed as therapists, they must have completed years of training and preparation. Every state has its own strict standards and requirements for how therapists must treat citizens.

People don’t realize that physical therapists are not qualified to heal people. While they can be a resource for you to recover, it is up to the individual to decide how to use these resources to achieve success. Check out one the most common treatments used in therapy.

Do You Want Relief from Pain in Our Area?

Non-surgical neck pain relief and rehabilitation therapies are the specialties of our clinic in our area. We are committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy and going above and beyond to help our patients. Our experienced physical therapist will help you improve your function and alleviate your pain. The body is assessed as a whole. Sometimes the root cause of pain or injury is more than the area or muscle that hurts. We would do a disservice by not taking a complete look at you to fully help you heal and prevent future limitations. Then, we move on to addressing your limitations. Different diagnoses may not be the same. A person suffering from neck pain might have different limitations than another. You should tailor your recovery program to meet YOUR needs, not the generic exercise program you find online. It doesn’t matter if your pain is lessening or that you are able to walk longer, it does not mean that this program will be enough to help you get to the level of functioning you desire. This can often mean that the PT clinic is done. However, we will continue to provide guidance until you reach your goals. Call us today to make an appointment in our area!