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Can physical therapy help scoliosis?

Scoliosis can cause severe spine curvature or rotation. It may not cause any symptoms if the curvature is below 40 degrees. A sufferer may experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms if the curvature exceeds 40 degrees. A sufferer may feel shortness of breath and chest pain. While scoliosis may not be obvious in childhood, some children develop it in adulthood. The curvature of the spine will increase over time. Even mild cases of scoliosis may become more serious later on in life. Some symptoms of scoliosis can be treated with physical therapy.

The way our physical therapists fit into the treatment plan for Scoliosis depends on your response to it. Your best options are to stick with the plan, go to appointments regularly, and give it a try. Do not start physical therapy and expect to see immediate results. Then, you will be disappointed. Physical therapy takes time and effort to be effective. It can be frustrating but it can also be very rewarding. Physical therapy may not always be able to relieve the symptoms of scoliosis but it is one of the most valuable treatments you can try. Find out more about the top physical therapy clinics in the area.

The Purpose of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy’s ultimate goal is to align the spine so that it feels more natural. The Schroth method is a popular choice. It aims to adjust the spine’s curvature to make it look more natural. The Socratic method, like all physical therapy programs, uses exercises that are tailored to your unique curvature to achieve the results you desire. Its exercises help to:

  • Establish more muscle symmetry
  • You will learn to breathe in the concave side.
  • You can train yourself to be more aware and conscious of your posture

Exercises strengthen your muscles, making it easier to walk, stand, and sit in a natural way. Your spine will also become more normal as your muscles adapt to your unique curve. While this and other physical therapy methods will not cure scoliosis, or correct your curvature, it will train you to adjust your posture and muscles so that your symptoms can be alleviated. Scorath Method is used often with children. However, it can also be beneficial for adults.

Physical Therapy Exercises for Scoliosis

Physical therapists can use the Socratic method to treat severe cases of scoliosis. You can also use exercises to strengthen your muscles and train your brain to send your spine a message to be more upright. This condition can be viewed as an inability of the body’s brain to send a signal to the spine that it needs to keep “standing straight” and the development of curvature.

Some lucky scoliosis patients will be able to experience relief from their symptoms through exercises in physical therapy. If physical therapy is not effective, spine stabilization surgery or back braces may be an option. Check out some of the ways we can help with scoliosis and back pain.

Explore Your Treatment Options in Our Area

If you are suffering from a chronic complex medical condition, it is important to explore all possible treatment options. One treatment option may not be sufficient. Other options might prove ineffective. Although it can be daunting to think of what will provide relief, it is something that takes courage to persevere. Scoliosis, one of the most progressive conditions in nature, can be treated with therapy.

It can take some effort to prepare yourself for physical therapy. You might feel doubts, anxiety, or even frustration. Physical therapy can work for you if you do your best and follow through. People with scoliosis have found that physical therapy can solve the majority of their problems. You might be one of them. The first step to making this happen is to contact us and ask for help. Call our centers today if you think physical therapy may be the right option for your case. We are always available to assist scoliosis sufferers. Call us to schedule an appointment today!