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Can physical therapy help arthritis?

Physical therapy (PT), a promising treatment option, is available for arthritis.
A physical therapist can help with your symptoms, mobility, and overall physical function. You will also learn specific techniques and exercises that will help you move more easily and with less pain.
Continue reading for more information about the benefits of PT in treating arthritis, the best types, and safety tips for exercising. Learn more about how we treat patients by visiting our physical therapy page.

Benefits of physical therapy with arthritis

PT for arthritis can help ease your symptoms and improve your movement quality. This makes it much easier to do everyday movements.
PT is usually part of an arthritis treatment plan.
* Medications
* Supplements
* Topical treatments
Your posture, muscle imbalances, body mechanics, and posture will all be evaluated by a physical therapist. You will learn how to move better to avoid injury, decrease pain, and align your body.
A physical therapist will create a stretching and exercise program that is customized to your needs.
* Reduce pain
* Increase your range of motion
* improve movement patterns
This program will focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints, which can help improve function and reduce joint stress.
You may also find PT for arthritis helpful:
* Create a home workout routine
* Improve your fitness level
* Increase endurance
* Reduce stiffness
* Reduce fatigue
* Stability and balance can be improved
* Increase coordination

The best types of physical therapy to treat arthritis

Your concerns and treatment goals will determine the best type of PT. A physical therapist who specializes in arthritis or one body part such as the hands and feet, is a good choice.
You might be taught by a physical therapist how to use:
* Weight machines
* Aerobic exercise machines
* Other equipment, such as:
* foam rollers
* exercises balls
* Resistance Bands
You may be recommended an assistive device by your doctor and taught how to use it. These passive PT treatments promote relaxation and include massage, electrotherapy, and ultrasound. There are many other services that we offer. To learn more, visit our specializing in telehealth physical therapy treatment options and corrective exercise solutions page!

For assistance with your daily tasks and work activities, see occupational therapy. You will learn exercises and techniques to improve your movement. They might also recommend orthotics and home modifications.

Safety tips to exercise with arthritis

As long as you exercise safely, there are many benefits to arthritis. Your doctor should be consulted before you begin an exercise plan for arthritis. Your doctor or physical therapist can suggest modifications and recommend exercises.
* Stretch. Warm up before you start your session, and then cool down. Before you begin working out, stretch all major muscle groups, particularly those that are susceptible to stiffness and pain.
* Start slow. Begin with small workouts and build up slowly. Be patient. Pay attention to your body and take breaks if necessary. Between workouts, allow yourself to take rest days.
* Low impact exercises are a good idea. These activities can reduce joint stress and pressure. These activities include gardening, swimming, and aquatic therapy. To increase strength, balance and flexibility, you can also add exercise. Do not do exercises that cause pain or worsen symptoms such as swelling, pain, stiffness, or other discomforts.

Talk to One of Our Specialists in our area

Physical therapy can help with arthritis symptoms and movement, as well as improve your overall health. To get the best results, you should continue to do your daily activities and exercise as often as possible.
Keep track of the most successful treatments. Keep track of your progress with your physical therapist and any changes in your condition.
If your symptoms become more severe or worsen, you should consult one of our healthcare professionals in our area. To get in touch with us, visit our contact page.