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Can physical therapy help a pinched nerve?

A great way to treat symptoms of pinched nerves in the lower back is physical therapy. Your physical therapist can design a program that suits your needs. Depending on the severity of your pinched nerve, they can either do passive or active treatments. Physical therapy can help increase flexibility and strength. You will be able to support the nerve by increasing your strength and flexibility. The nerve will heal once that happens. Learn more about our services by clicking here.

Is physical therapy effective for treating pinched nerves?

A pinched nerve, also known as compressed nerve, is a condition in which pressure is placed on one or more nerves. This causes pain in different parts of the body. This can be caused by repetitive motions or staying in one place for too long. Spinal conditions like herniated disks can also cause pinched nerves.
This condition can lead to swelling, pain, and scarring, which may affect the nerves’ normal functionality. Although there are many treatments for this condition that can be used, physical therapy is the most effective. Check out some of the ways we treat pinched nerves by visiting our specializing in telehealth physical therapy treatment options and corrective exercise solutions page.

How is Physical therapy better than other methods for treating a pinched nerve?

The back pain doctor will prescribe a customized program based on the severity and nature of the patient’s condition, his age, weight, and specific needs. Because physical therapy is a more effective method to treat pinched nerves than non-surgical options like administering drugs or steroidal injections, the former provides more than pain relief. Discover more about back pain relief and sciatica pain relief on our website.

Physical therapy strengthens and stretches the affected muscles. This in turn helps the patient regain mobility and flexibility. A stronger body helps prevent future injuries and improves coordination, balance, posture, and coordination. An experienced and qualified therapist will create a program that suits the individual’s needs and abilities. This increases the effectiveness of physical therapy in treating a compressed nerve.
However, medications to treat a compressed nervous system do not offer such long-term and multifarious benefits. Physical therapy is non-invasive and requires less hospitalization than orthopedic spine surgery. Physical therapy is also the most economical method of treating compressed nerves.

Is Physical Therapy safe for pinched nerves?

Safety is another advantage of physical therapy over other methods for treating pinched nerves. Not all patients with compressed nerves are suitable for surgery. Age and general health are important factors in determining if a patient is suitable for surgery. Patients with spinal conditions may not be able to receive certain medications due to an underlying condition or medication they are taking. Side effects can also occur in some patients who take pinched nerve medicines.

Physical therapy is an option for almost all patients. After assessing the individual needs and situation of each patient, a physical therapy program is created by a qualified therapist. It is completely safe and has no side effects. Physical therapy may be prescribed by a back pain doctor in combination with medication to relieve a compressed nerve.

The ideal consultation session for a back pain doctor is one-on-one with his patients to discuss the best physical therapy option. Different patients may have different needs. The length of the physical therapy sessions, how they are scheduled, and the timing can all vary. Seek out a spine specialist who offers such personal attention.

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