We all have a blind spot and it’s shaped exactly like us. – Junot Diaz
We have the capacity to achieve many things; however, we can also stand in our own way. When challenges arise, there is a tendency to either gravitate towards or run against others/situations who/that hit upon our sensitivities. Our initial reactions to these trials usually indicate something of personal significance. Nonetheless, because of their visceral nature, we are often blind to our own sensitivities. It becomes tempting to put more blame outside of ourselves as a way to deflect from our own blind spots and to avoid feelings of pain and discomfort.
Adding Perspective
in order to share our strengths and talents with the world as well as accomplishing what we want out of life, reflecting upon ourselves is a vital first step. Being able to acknowledge and work with our sensitivities/weak areas prevents them from becoming an issue at the least opportune times. As a result, we can be more honest with ourselves and collaborate with others who can assist with our weaknesses. This means that we can fine-tune and master our strong suits to become our best selves.
Thoughts for the Week
Everybody has blind spots, but how we deal with them makes all the difference. Avoiding things that may cause us pain or discomfort often causes our minds to limit the range of emotional expression and vulnerability, which in turn, numbs us to the complete experience of life. However, accepting our sensitivities and potential blind spots allows us to accept the humanity in ourselves and others.