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Fluid Health and Fitness is a one of a kind movement management system that adapts and develops exercises that allow you to perform activities of everyday life more easily and without the risk of injury.

We track and assess your motion health and treat it like a vital sign. We use it to predict and prevent injury and to set baselines for how you should be moving. It’s a new way of thinking about performance.  Don’t just train, restore.




We build healthy employees and healthy workspaces. By mixing health promotion with health protection, our programs help your company evolve.




Take Fluid with you wherever you go. Access personalized virtual training, mobility coaching, metabolic conditioning, nutrition management tools, social support and more.

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Designed to Move | Lower Cross Syndrome

What is Lower Cross Syndrome? Lower cross syndrome refers to a compensation movement pattern in the lower half of the body. It is when the hip flexors and lower back are over activated while the hamstrings and the abdominals are under activated. This results in a...

Economy of Food & Consumerism

Awareness of the body and mind are paramount to realizing health and fitness goals, but we can sometimes forget about our environment, both on a personal and a global level. Almost everything that we use and consume is a result of several processes, labor, and time....

Authentic Kindness

With life’s many stressors, we can become engulfed in the irrelevant details and stray from our deep personal truths. This narrows our focus to our own problems and internal conflicts. The one thing that can cut through the emotional white noise is extending authentic...

Designed to Move | Compensation Movement Patterns

The Body’s Neutral State When the body is at a neutral state (or how it’s designed to move), it is balanced in an upright position, with the head squarely centered on the neck between the shoulders. Moving downward, the spine is fairly straight with slight curvatures...

The Eroticization of Fitness

We are regularly bombarded by media of eroticized super fit individuals who are trying to convince us to become fit just like them in the hopes that one day we may be just as desired.  Sex drives much of human behavior, because it can improve mental health, decrease...

Designed to Move | Body Awareness

What is Body Awareness? Before starting any effective exercise programming, it is fundamental to understand how the body moves in reaction to the physical environment. This is called body awareness or proprioception.  How cognizant we are of our body movements...

The Life/Death Paradox

  it is only when we are faced with a threat to our mortality that we begin to truly live to the fullest. When there is no threat, we bargain with time as if we will never run out. That is the ultimate existential paradox. But why do we need to frame it in such a...


It has long been thought that the expression of our genes is primarily predetermined. However, the more we study the human body and its processes, the more we learn about how our environment and biological processes interact with and activate certain genes. The...

Designed to Move | Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches stem from muscular imbalance and strain around the cervical (neck) spine. This can lead to pain and pressure around the top portion of the head. How Does This Happen? Poor posture and muscular imbalances between the neck and shoulder are the...