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Ryan Maxwell



National Academy of Sports Medicine: *Certified Personal Trainer *Corrective Exercise Specialist *Cardio-Respiratory Specialist *Integrated Core, Balance, Resistance & Plyometric Specialist •American College of Sports Medicine Cancer Exercise Training •FMT Basic & Advanced •Kinesiology Taping •American College of Exercise Group Fitness Instructor •Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness Foundation Certified •Lavalle Institute/LTF Metabolic Technician •Precision Nutrition – NP1 •Theragun Practitioner Course

Founder – Fluid Health & Fitness, National Presenter & Master Trainer (US Armed Forces, Mayo Clinic, YMCA – Sports Ready Youth Programming, Lifetime Fitness, Anytime Fitness), National Academy of Sports Medicine continuing education provider, Celebrity trainer (Jillian Michaels’ “Bodyshred”) Advisory Boards & Associations *St Paul College of MN *Northwestern Health Sciences, Sweere Medical Group

“The truest judge of a person’s character is the way they treat those whom they have nothing to gain from.”

Growing up, I lived in a household where my parents and extended family struggled with obesity and metabolic and sociological diseases. We went to coaches, counselors, and therapists looking for guidance on how to get our health under control. I realized that while these individuals had good intentions, there was always something missing. One would focus on diet but give little advice about exercise. Another would give lifestyle and emotional support but disregard movement. The net result was more confusion and frustration than achieving meaningful change. I realized then that to be truly successful, a person needed multiple coaches who all worked together. But who had the time or money for that? We certainly didn’t. That’s why my vision for Fluid Health and Fitness was born from the need to deliver what the health and wellness industry lacked: a system that considers and balances all of the elements of health and wellness in a way that fits into your lifestyle. One that meets you where you are at: not where we want you to be. And one that teaches you how your body works.

*Athletic Training *Weight Loss Coach *NADNS – Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization *PRI – Postural Restoration / Respiratory reconditioning *Global Integration / Proximal Hip Theory – Global kinesiology *Gait Analysis *Mobility Techniques – Percussive Inhibition, PNF, Self Mobilization, SMFR *Kinesio taping *Metabolic Coaching – Nutrition profiles and Sports based metabolic coaching *Heart rate variability coaching – CNS regulation

What is something patients have to deal with that you want to fix?: Long-term functional improvements, not just symptom management

What is Ryan Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • Braveheart (movie)
  • Shawshank Redemption (movie)
  • Goodwill Hunting (movie)
  • Movement Impairment syndromes, Shirley Sahrman (book)
  • The Firm, Tom Meyers (book)

When not working, I enjoy playing with my kids/ family time, Building projects, Basketball, Running, Cycling.