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Russ was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Russ is a medical device industry professional and has held senior executive positions in medical device businesses in Europe and the United States. Russ is a mechanical engineer by training, and holds an MBA from the Open Business School in the United Kingdom. Russ and his family moved to the United States and have become US Citizens and continues to work with medical device manufacturers across the world.

Russ earned his Certified Personal Fitness Trainer certification, including Corrective Exercise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist and Weight Loss Specialist credentials with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and applies his extensive knowledge and experience from his medical device background into his personal fitness and wellness training. Russ has also been trained as an ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer and donates time to provide strength, coordination, and mobility training for Survival2Strength, a non-profit organization. Russ provides this training from the Fluid Health and Fitness studio in Stillwater or virtually.

Integrity, respect, authenticity, gratitude and compassion.

“With a small dedicated group there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. The world is not enough”

I specialize in human movement, strength, cardio and metabolic conditioning training and coaching HIPAA Privacy Officer, regulatory compliance Business advisor

People thinking that they have to live their life with physical pain, and in many cases we can help fix this. I want to help people return to normal life after chronic illness (cancer, transplant) after they have been discharged from medical care.

At this clinic, I enjoy working with a very talented team and learning from them. Working with our clients to help them reach their goals. Being in a learning environment that can be applied to make people’s lives better

What is Russ Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • Casino Royale and anything James Bond (movie)
  • The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy (book)
  • Mastery – George Leonard (book)
  • Complications and Better – Atul Gawande (book)
  • How I built this – Guy Raz (podcast)
  • Hidden Brain – Shankar Vedantam (podcast)
  • The Drive – Dr Peter Attia (podcast)

In my spare time I enjoy consulting and working with small medical device businesses to help them succeed. Reading, learning and music. There is nothing quite like cranking up a Marshall guitar amplifier and rocking out some rock licks