Protect & Restore Program: Chronic Pain Relief

Protect & Restore Program: Reduce pain AND learn how to prevent it in the future

If you have…

  • Hip or knee pain from an injury
  • Pain from overuse or misuse
  • General wear & tear 

You are a great candidate for the Protect & Restore program.

With the Fluid Health & Fitness Experts, you’ll get:

  • Education on where the imbalances or deficiencies are that may be CAUSING pain
  • Cutting edge imaging & assessments 
  • Private sessions with our expert team 
  • Group sessions for prolonged strength & mobility 
  • A one on one session with our dietician to identify any food related inflammation or issues relating to pain


Why our program is different:

A science based approach merging physical therapy & kinesiology wellness 

We find the root cause of your pain to address it long term

You’ll get an individualized plan based on your needs vs a “cookie cutter” plan 

We educate you on how your body moves & how pain is created/avoided through mobility so you’re set up for better lifestyle habits

You’ll get a full team supporting you 


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Tracy M.

“Fluid’s trainers know what they’re talking about and they’re passionate about improving the mobility and fitness of their members. When I experienced pain or an injury in other studios and workout routines, I was generally advised to rest until I healed, watch my form and/or just stop doing exercises that caused pain. Fluid is actually TEACHING me WHY I experienced the pain that limited my progress and training my body to move the way it’s designed to move so I can build real strength. After three months I really feel “unwound” and stronger and everyday activities are noticeably easier because of it. It’s a great place to improve yourself with friendly like-minded people, well worth your time.”

Ana V.

“Found Ryan professional, wise, knowledgeable and understanding. The program meets
all my needs”