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Shoulder physical therapy Bloomington

Protect & Restore Package

Get the most value with the Protect and Restore kinesiology package | $3,000

As the name implies, this Protect & Restore premium package was developed to teach people how to eliminate movement deficits and protect themselves from injury while building a foundation for efficient exercise progression.

This one-of-a-kind movement system will improve a person’s neuromuscular efficiency, align posture faults, balance out mobility and strength asymmetries, and improve stability.

The Protect & Restore Package Includes:

  • Movement literacy basics coursework (combination of lecture and practical classes)
  • Twelve one-hour private coaching sessions with a DPT or CES (including weekly workout assignments)
  • Six months of unlimited group class instruction
  • The Fluid App – Online learning, streaming and on-demand classes, nutrition calculator, HRV tracking
  • Weekly nutrition education emails
Shoulder physical therapy Bloomington

Movement Literacy Basics

Learn the “why” behind functional movement. Topics covered include:

  • Ideal Posture & Breathing
  •  Mobility vs. Flexibility
  • Arthrokinematic vs. Osteokinematic
  • Proximal distal sequencing & the gait cycle

Private Coaching

Individual coaching sessions designed to teach body awareness and movement autonomy. Session objectives include:

  • Understanding personal postural bias and movement impairments
  •  How to control global movement systems
  • How to restore active range of motion
  • How to balance optimal strength ratios

Group Class Reinforcement

Group classes are used to reinforce the efficiency of the upper extremity, lower extremity, and core canister biomechanics. Class types include:

  • Functional Strength Classes 
  • Mobility & Release Classes
  • Metabolic Conditioning Classes


Shoulder physical therapy Bloomington

For those not interested in a package

Fluid Health & Fitness, Inc is an outpatient orthopedic group that specializes in functionally integrated movement. We understand that not everyone can participate in a program. That’s why we offer tailored ala carte options as well.


We accept cash payments or insurance reimbursement for those who are seen for Physical Therapy. We are in-network with most major insurance providers. We also receive Flex Spending and Health Savings Account reimbursement. 



For those seen for Wellness, a Core | 6 Movement Assessment must be completed before their first class or session. We accept either cash payments or Flex Spending and Health Savings Account reimbursement. 

Physical Therapy session


Wellness session


Nutrition session


Massage | Bodywork session


VO2 Assessment or Coaching session


Movement Literacy Coursework


Unlimited Live Monthly Group sessions


Unlimited Virtual Monthly Group sessions


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